We have manufactured and exported Chinese 750cc motorcycles with sidecars for more than 11years.
The design of this motorcycle came from the old BMW R71 and R75 with a sidecar. The first Chinese CJ750sidecar motorcycle was produced in 1957.
  Now our motorcycles have been sold to many countries such as Germany, Norway, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, USA, South America and Japan to name a few. Although the quality of our motorcycles could not compare with BMW, HARLEY, HONDA, SUZUKI and so on, we are constantly improving our quality level. We like to hear the different ideas and suggestions put forward by our customers, and try all our best to meet customer's different requirements.
  We sell around 200sets of sidecar motorcycles every year to different countries. Because of our honest and unremitting efforts, we have earned a high business reputation for customer satisfaction. We are constantly improving on the quality of our motorcycles. All of our customers have been satisfied with our after-purchase service. We are appreciative of our customer's patience and understanding during these past 11 years.
  Highly appreciated help from Mr. Wayne, Mr. Antonio, Mr. Knutsen, Mr. Warnke, Mr.Peter Boston, Mr.Yan Hui, Mr.Sanders.
We have our selling agent in the following countries

New Zealand

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